You went to numerous composite courses and your composites still don’t look right? Your patients ask for extra-white composite veneers and you feel bad that they look too artificial? You put so much effort in your crown and veneer preparations and the final outcome is not pleasing you? You make your own temporary crowns and veneers and struggle to make them look natural? 

Does that sound familiar? 

It’s not another composite course that you need. And most likely you don’t even need a better technician. All you need is to understand smile aesthetics, morphology of anterior teeth and have a recipe how to achieve the form and the function! The same skill can then be transferred to your composites, temporaries as well as crown and veneer work. 

Dr Jurgita will guide you through the process of becoming a true master of anterior teeth. Six anterior composite veneers will be shaped to morphology to demonstrate how even monochromatic composites can look natural and aesthetic. You will be guided through the practical process of designing the smile and shaping teeth to correct anatomy and symmetry. You will then learn the protocols of achieving secondary morphology as well as the texture. Finally, finishing and polishing protocols will be covered to give your composites the final touch of perfection. 

The objective of the course is to provide you with an invaluable skill of understanding aesthetic perception and the ability to reproduce it on any material of your liking. You will be given the recipes of designing, shaping, finishing and polishing of anterior teeth.

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