the art and science of

Tooth morphology

brought by Dr. Jurgita Sybaite

Helping you transform your dentistry and develop skills in aesthetic dentistry. 

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My name is Jurgita.


I am a restorative dentist and am passionate both about the art and the science.

My scientific side drives my constant pursuit of evidence based learning. I have completed Master's Degree in Restorative Dental Practice at prestigious UCL Eastman Dental Institute. My performance there was awarded with distinction and GC Europe Prize for excellence in clinical and academic achievement. 


I am a Visiting Lecturer at Alma Mater UCL Eastman Dental Institute where I teach my younger colleagues tooth morphology, occlusion and morphological restorations. Together with Dr Mizrahi, I run aesthetic and restorative dentistry courses at Mizrahi Dental Teaching (MDT) academy in London. 

My artistic side has a great appreciation for art, beauty and design. Artistry allowed me to develop good visual skills as well as attention to detail that are crucial in delivering excellence for my patients.


My clinical and research interests include aesthetic dentistry and smile design, treatment of worn or failing dentition, functional treatment planning through morphology. My passion for visual arts and strict adherence to evidence based protocols has led me to develop a special protocol in the art and science of designing morphological and functional tooth restorations. 

If you are a dentist, I hope to meet you on one of my courses designed to transform your dentistry with morphology skills. If you are a patient, I am looking forward to guiding you in your dental journey!



119-21 January 2023
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The success of any anterior composite restoration depends on the understanding and use of the material as well the ability to master the anatomy of the teeth. This unique, 2 day hands-on course combines art and science by bringing together these two crucial aspects.


You will be taught to mentally visualise and design a smile by using your knowledge of morphology. The practical exercises of drawing and carving will enhance your knowledge of morphology and you will then be shown how to apply this to dramatically improve your anterior composite restorations. 

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